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Welcome To The Official site for In Car Stereo!
welcome to the official web site for In Car Stereo. The site has been designed for fans of the band to check outh the bands past, gigs that are lined up and what the band has in store for the future.
Last night (8th december) was OK. We were great as per usual. The relatives were good to, they are going to be quite big.

We are going to be organising shows in- Greenock, Edinburgh, Dundee, Dumfries, Aberdeen, Perth and some in England next year (England will not happen until summer) also more in Glasgow.

The gig at the 13th note went great. The other band soulfinger were really heavy! And one of their freinds said we were the best band he had heard there since Idelwild played there years ago. That was a good compliment! The Guys from Pettybone came down to see us from Greenock- and they want us to put a track onto a release up there way!

The Battle of the bands went really well last nite! It was won by our brothers of RAWK Guestlist! It was a good night and we enjoyed it. The set was the same as all the other gigs and we had a HUGE pit for most of the set! visit the winners @

We will be playing shows in Greenock in January! and a radio session for Sub City Radio is on its way!

Last night (2nd NOVEMBER) went great! The other bands on the bill were PettyBone, Grain and Peregrine The guys from pettybone and Peregrine want us to play some shows in greenock (poss. the Beat room) it was a great night with a small but appreciative crowd (about 50 people) we rocked out 5 songs (the same list as TUTS) and got offered a record deal at the end of the night. A local record company wants to put a single out (3 tracks) in national record stores as a "stepping stone" towards bigger things! more info on this as soon as we recieve it!

Jordan Steve-o Ross

On monday (4th November) we are going into the studio to record our new double A side single the two tracks will be BLOODLOSS ON A CLOUD and PUT 2 PASTURE. It should be on sale mid december at gigs and some independant record shops!

(24th OCTOBER) we Supported DANKO JONES at KING TUTS. The guys in DANKO were cool and we talked to them for a few hours backstage. we were first on from 10.50pm till 11.20 played 5 songs (see custom page 2 for set list.)
It is a great venue with nice people and a ghost!!
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