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This was the set list for our first gig at Barfly in glasgow. we got a good reaction from the crowd and have been offered a record deal! MORE INFO AS SOON AS WE RECIEVE IT!!

  CD! WE GO INTO THE STUDIO ON MONDAY (4TH NOVEMBER) TO RECORD OUR NEW DOUBBLE A SIDE SINGLE SONGS ON THE SINGLE ARE BLOODLOSS ON A CLOUD AND PUT2 PASTURE> IT SHOULD BE AVAILIBLE MID DECEMBER.....Our live CD will Be called "manger des lapins tu les joures" and will be out in time for the gigs at The Cathouse and 13th note. it will be recorded live at Strawberry fields on the 15th of November. and will contain 10-12 songs.

  T-shirts with our (In Car Stereo) logo will be available in time for The Cathouse gig

WE are producing a split ep with the our friends from Guestlist the ep will include two or three tracks from each band! We are also in the middle of organising a co-headlining show with the guys from guestlist and another band called the contingency plan. MORE NEWS ON THIS SOON

  FINCH!! We are on the list to support FINCH at KING TUTS on 6th DECEMBER there is a million bands ahead of us on the list so it will NEVER happen but it is cool to be on the list!!

Steve-o & Jordan